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Testobol Prop, Testosterone Propionate muscle building supplement for strength gain

(Also contains: grape seed oil, campesterol, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, benzyl benzoate 9%, benzyl alcohol 1.5%)

Testobol Prop 100 is designed to copy the effects of the naturally occurring hormone testosterone . According to the experience of athletes, this remedy is effective for about 1 day to 2 days . Anabolic and androgenic effects are the same for testosterone . The mechanism by which testosterone enables muscle growth is not entirely clear. We do know, however, that an increased level of the growth factor IGF-1 , both in the muscles and in the liver, continues to play a role in the reduction of catabolic glucocorticoid hormones and ultimately an increased activity of the satellite cells (myosatellitocytus) . In any case, Testobol Prop 100 is considered a very effective strong anabolic product that is used very often to achieve a rapid increase in muscle mass .

This remedy can be combined with other kite singing products according to the athlete's training goals .

alternative to: testosterone propionate

Dosage : 1 ml / day


Testobol Prop 100 , 10 ml ampoule, oily solution (100 mg / ml)


Testobol Prop, Testosterone Propionate is a muscle building supplement for strength gain
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