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Boldobol - Boldenone 200 mg Boldobol buy UK Europe



(Also contains: grapeseed oil, campesterol, β -sitosterol, stigmasterol, benzyl benzoate 9%, benzyl alcohol 1.5%)

Boldobol, boldenone is one of the products of bodybuilders that provides significant, if not very rapid growth in muscle mass and has androgenic and very low estrogenic effects (especially water retention).

Boldobol, Boldenone is a popular muscle building product.
According to the training goals, Boldobol, Boldenone can be combined with several anabolic preparations such as Danabol , Testo Depot 250 - in the growth phase or with anticatabolic preparations like Tren 100 , Winny 50 - in the definition phase ).
alternative to: Boldenone undecylenate, Equipoise
Dosage : 3 ml / week
Boldobol 200 , 10 ml lancing ampoule, oily solution, (200 mg / ml)
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Boldenone is similar to Dianabol only the lack of boldenone 17-alpha-alkylation distinguishes both. Nevertheless, the effect of the two substances is completely opposite. It converts about 50 percent less to testosterone in the male body than testosterone . Thus, a lean muscle gain without high fat and water content is possible at the same time training , which is why boldenone mainly in a diet or athletes who primarily pursue the high-quality muscle , in use. Furthermore, it binds strongly erythrocytes, so red blood cells, which help the athlete to a prominent vascularity .
How does boldenone work?
  1. Boldenone is for strong muscle building and stimulates the appetite
  2. Many bodybuilders are interested in this product because it is primarily anabolic and low in androgens .
  3. In addition, Boldobol forms red blood cells in the body, giving the athlete noticeable vascularity .
  4. Boldenone is often used as an anabolic -acting base agent and combined with the moderately dosed testosterone depot or alternatively with the short-acting testosterone propionate or trenbolone . On Aromatasierhemmer this is usually omitted.
  5. In Boldobol , the so-called "bloating" factor disappears, meaning that flooding of the tissue by strong water retention does not occur. Therefore the application areas are clear. Athletes seeking pure weight gain use nandrolone , for example, while athletes on the outside tend to prefer boldenone .
Suitable for women
Due to the typical Boldebol effect, it is often used by female athletes .
Experience with this product
Anyone who has had experience with Boldenon was generally very satisfied. However, it should be remembered that the focus is not on the extreme increase in mass but on the typical appearance of the muscles that make up this product. Boldebol for a hard, edged long-term built-up muscle.

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Manufacturer: Drachensang


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