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Oxandro - Oxandrolone Oral Anabolic Online Buy UK Europe


Oxandrolone like Oxandro is a muscle building product


(also contains: nicotinamide, magnesium stearate, calcium monohydrogen phosphate, MCC)

Oxandro is a very gentle anabolic product. The growth of muscle mass with this product is slow, but the resulting effect is very high quality, pure muscle mass that is easy to maintain in the long term.


Oxandro is arguably the most suitable anabolic product for women as well as for athletes with a tendency to androgenic side effects (especially acne).


It is also a popular tool for bodybuilders who are not in a hurry because the results are very long-term and practically risk-free.

For strength increase 3 tab / day (1/1/1)

Contents: 100 tablets, (10 mg / tab)

Alternatives: Oxandrolone, Anavar

Recommended combinations: Tren Enant 150, for aerobic sports Winny 50


With this product, both the androgenic and the anabolic effects are very low. As a result, the athlete is not expected to gain much weight, but Oxandro is used to increase body strength during bodybuilding.


The build-up of the muscles is high quality, pure muscle mass.

Very popular with body pictures in the diet and competition phases. The active ingredient helps to improve muscle hardness and muscle quality while increasing strength.


The strength level can be maintained with oxandrolone, especially during a diet, which is an important step towards the preservation of hard-earned muscle mass.

Some bodybuilders who are not preparing for the competition like to use oxandrolone with other products as a combination to build hard quality muscles. Who have set themselves the goal of building a moderately developed but defined exterior.


Here Oxandrolon is taken especially with Winstrol. This combination is very suitable for a nice increase in defined, dry muscles and a good gain of strength. It is also encouraging that the built-up muscles are largely preserved for a long time after weaning.

Oxandro is also a very popular product for women. Depending on the personal goal, it can be combined with Nandro or Boldonon.

There is a study that shows that the age-related decrease in muscles and strength in men can be countered by taking oxandolone.


The results of the muscle measurement were unambiguous, the test subjects built up a considerable amount of muscle mass without major strength training.

The effects on the fat mass were also impressive. The fat mass was reduced considerably.

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